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Welcome to the Our Dogs page of Pawsome Great Dane Breeders! Here, we proudly introduce you to the exceptional dams and sires that form the foundation of our breeding program. These magnificent Great Danes are not only stunning examples of the breed but also embody the health, temperament, and qualities we strive to pass on to each new generation. Get to know the stars of our breeding program below.

Our Dams

Magaritas: A true queen with a gentle soul, [Dam’s Name] is the matriarch of our breeding program. Her regal demeanor and nurturing nature make her a remarkable mother to her litters. Magaritas exemplifies the best of the Great Dane breed with her impeccable conformation and endearing personality.

Estherus: Known for her boundless energy and playful spirit, Estherus brings an infectious joy to our breeding program. Her athleticism and loving disposition shine through in her puppies, who inherit her zest for life and sweet nature.


Personality: Affectionate and friendly, enjoys socializing and forming strong bonds

Health: Luna has undergone comprehensive genetic health testing, which typically involves screening for breed-specific genetic disorders and abnormalities. These tests can include DNA testing for known genetic mutations, blood tests, and other diagnostic procedures to ensure her good health and suitability for breeding.


Personality: Playful and outgoing, loves outdoor activities and adventures

Health: Stella receives regular preventive care, including vaccinations and routine health check-ups. These check-ups typically involve physical examinations, where the veterinarian assesses overall health and looks for any signs of illness or abnormalities.


Personality: Sweet and gentle, gets along well with other pets and brings harmony

Health: Bella undergoes regular check-ups to monitor her heart and eye health. These check-ups typically involve specific tests such as cardiac evaluations, including electrocardiograms (ECGs), and eye examinations to assess for conditions such as progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) or other inherited eye diseases.

Our Sires

Joker: A true gentleman in every sense, Joker embodies the ideal Great Dane temperament. His calm and dignified presence is matched only by his striking appearance. Joker passes on his impressive build and gentle disposition to his offspring.
Madock: With his commanding presence and regal stance, Madock is a true representation of the breed’s majestic allure. His confidence and intelligence are mirrored in the puppies he sires, making them exceptional companions for families of all kinds.


Personality: Gentle giant with a heart of gold, loves to cuddle

Health: Titan has undergone comprehensive health screenings, including tests conducted by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) for hip and elbow clearances. These tests evaluate the integrity and health of his joints, ensuring he is free from any abnormalities or conditions that could affect his mobility.


Personality: Playful and energetic, brings endless joy to kids

Health: Maximus, as a member of a champion bloodline, has inherited superior genetics. In addition to this, he has also undergone genetic testing to further confirm his lineage and rule out the presence of any known genetic disorders or conditions that could be passed on to his offspring.


Personality: Calm and loyal, provides a sense of security as an excellent guard dog

Health: Atlas has received regular veterinary care, which includes comprehensive physical examinations to assess his overall health and well-being. While specific tests are not mentioned, these examinations typically involve assessing heart and lung function, checking for any signs of disease or abnormalities, and evaluating overall body condition.

Breeding Excellence

The dogs featured on this page have been carefully selected based on their health, temperament, and adherence to breed standards. Our breeding dogs undergo extensive health screenings, including genetic testing, to ensure that they are in optimal condition for producing healthy and well-adjusted puppies. By using the best breeding practices, we aim to pass on the finest traits of the Great Dane breed to future generations.

Our Commitment to Quality

At Pawsome Great Dane Breeders, we take immense pride in the quality of our breeding program. Our dams and sires are cherished members of our family, and their well-being and happiness are our top priorities. Through responsible breeding and meticulous care, we strive to produce Great Danes that not only meet but exceed breed standards.

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If you’d like to learn more about our dams, sires, and our breeding philosophy, we welcome you to get in touch. Whether you’re a fellow breeder, a prospective puppy owner, or simply an admirer of Great Danes, we’re excited to share more about our exceptional dogs with you.

Thank you for considering Pawsome Great Dane Breeders as your source for top-quality Great Danes. We look forward to introducing you to the stars of our breeding program and sharing the joy they bring to our lives.

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